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Princess Christina Belgiojoso

It was Princess Christina Belgiojoso who hosted the Liszt vs. Thalberg duel and commissioned the Hexaméron Variations in 1837, all … Continue reading

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1837, vol. 3: Sor, Glinka, Liszt

Spanish guitarist and composer Fernando Sor was born in 1778. He grew up at Montserrat, which is just outside Valencia, … Continue reading

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Havergal Brian, Symphony no. 1 “The Gothic”

Of the many 1926 compositions I didn't have time to cover in the podcasts (see "More Compositions from 1926"), the … Continue reading

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Piano Concertos by Mozart and Salieri from 1773

To my surprise… I find the Salieri C Major concerto to be the equal of Mozart's D Major. Mozart, Piano … Continue reading

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Feb. 9, ’14: British, Russian, and Viennese Viola Music from 1926

Brian Linnell’s interview with Michael Lyon on KIOS: (OMAHA, Nebraska — February 3, 2014) The years 1900 to 1945 … Continue reading

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Film of Kandinsky Painting in 1926

This is a short film of the Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky at work in 1926, the first Year in … Continue reading

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1837, vol. 2: Hummel, Lortzing, Chopin

If I could have seen the world from the perspective of any one classical musician, if it were for the … Continue reading