So Much Opera in 1837!

I'm very nearly ready to begin releasing the series of ten podcasts on 1837, which are up next. It's striking just how much opera was composed that year. Of the roughly 380 pieces of music I identified that were composed in 1926, only 13 of them (around 3%) were operas.

But of the roughly 170 works I've found that were composed in 1837, there are 17 operas.  So a composer in 1837 was three times as likely to compose an opera as a composer in 1926. And now that I'm looking at the numbers, I realize this might not seem as impressive as I'd thought it would. The difference for me is that because I had to leave most of the 1926 compositions out of my podcasts (because I didn't want to spend four years covering 1926 alone), I only listened to four of those 13 operas. But as there are far fewer compositions from 1837, I'll be able to address all but one or two of the 17 operas from that year. But each of those is at least 2 hours long, if not 3 or 4, and there are at least two recordings of each for me to listen to of each opera, so that I can recommend the best rendition to you.

In short, then: so much opera in 1837!

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