More Compositions from 1926

What follows is a list of compositions from 1926 that I didn’t have room to discuss on the podcasts. In every case that I’ve been able to find a commercial recording of one of these pieces, I’ve provided a link to the page for that recording at or If you know of any compositions I’ve left out, or if there’s a recording of any of these pieces I’m not aware of, please say so in the comments section!

▪ Jean Absil, La mort de Tintagiles, op. 3 [orchestra]
▪ Franco Alfano, String Quartet no. 2
▪ Franco Alfano, completed Puccini’s last opera, Turandot
▪ Georges Auric, 5 Bagatelles [two pianos]
▪ Georges Auric, Vocalise [lied]
▪ Georges Auric, 2 Romances [lieder]

▪ Amy Beach, Tyrolean Valse-Fantaisie, op. 116 [piano]
▪ Amy Beach, Birth [lied]
▪ Robert Russell Bennett, Endimion [operetta]
▪ Robert Russell Bennett, Princess Charming [musical play]
▪ Robert Russell Bennett, Charleston Rhapsody [orchestra]
▪ Lennox Berkeley, Tombeaux [lieder]
▪ Lord Berners, The Triumph of Neptune [orchestra]
▪ Hermann Bischoff, Introduction and Rondo [orchestra]
▪ Arthur Bliss, Introduction and Allegro [orchestra]
▪ Arthur Bliss, Hymn to Apollo [orchestra]
▪ Marc Blitzstein, Gods [mezzo-soprano and strings]
▪ Marc Blitzstein, Sarabande [orchestra]
▪ Mélanie Bonis, Suite in D, op. 114 [piano]
▪ Mélanie Bonis, Dix-Sept Pieces Enfantines, op. 116 [piano]
▪ Henriëtte Bosmans, Poème [cello and orchestra]
▪ Luís de Freitas Branco, Symphony no. 2
▪ Havergal Brian, Symphony no. 1 “The Gothic” [choir and orchestra]
▪ Walter Bricht, Klaviersonate I in G Moll, op. 3
▪ Walter Bricht, Klaviersonate II in E Moll, op. 7
▪ Walter Bricht, Zwei Lieder für Gesang und Klavier, WoO 8
▪ Willy Burkhard, String Trio, op. 13
▪ Willy Burkhard, 3 Duets, op. 11 [two voices and violin?]
▪ Willy Burkhard, Suite aus der Musik zu einem Weihnachtsmarchen, op. 12 [orchestra]
▪ Willy Burkhard, Inventionen, op. 14 [piano]
▪ Willy Burkhard, Kleine zweistimmige Suite, op. 14a [chamber ensemble]

▪ Joseph Canteloube, Pastorale Roumaine [voice and orchestra]
▪ Joseph Canteloube, Als Catalans (Hymne aux Catalans) [six-part choir]
▪ John Alden Carpenter, Oil and Vinegar [orchestra]
▪ Julián Carrillo, Sonata Casi Fantasía [a microtonal sextet]
▪ Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Bacco in Toscana, op. 39 [ballet]
▪ Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, 4 Sonetti da “La Vita Nova”, op. 41 [lieder]
▪ Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, 3 Sonnets from the Portuguese, op. 42 [lieder]
▪ Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, 3 Corali su Melodie Ebraiche, op. 43 [piano]
▪ Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, 3 Poemi Campestri, op. 44 [piano]
▪ Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Cadix, op. 45 [lieder]
▪ Alejandro García Caturla, Allegro Noble [violin and orchestra]
▪ Alejandro García Caturla, Concierto de Camara [wind quintet, string quartet, and piano]
▪ Alejandro García Caturla, Berceuse [string quartet, piano]
▪ Alejandro García Caturla, Romanza [violin and piano]
▪ George Whitefield Chadwick, A Madrigal for Christmas [choir]
▪ George Whitefield Chadwick, In Tadaussac Church [choir]
▪ Carlos Chávez, Caballos de Vapor (a.k.a. Horse Power Suite) [orchestra]
▪ Carlos Chávez, Solo [piano]
▪ Rebecca Clarke, Poem [string quartet]
▪ Rebecca Clarke, Take, O Take Those Lips Away [tenor, baritone, and piano]
▪ Rebecca Clarke, A Dream [lied]
▪ Eric Coates, Phantasie: The Three Bears [orchestra]
▪ Henry Cowell, Carl’s Birthday [lied]
▪ Henry Cowell, The Gift of Being [lied]
▪ Henry Cowell, A Remembrance [violin and piano]
▪ Jean Cras, Prélude ed Danse: Demain [saxophone quartet]
▪ Jean Cras, Deux Impromptus [piano or harp]

▪ Eugen d’Albert, Der Golem [opera]
▪ Vincent d’Indy, Diptyque Méditerranéen [orchestra]
▪ Vincent d’Indy, Concerto for Flute, Cello, and Piano
▪ Vincent d’Indy, O Dominea Mea’ [two voices and organ]
▪ Charles Daniels, The Ride (The Wild Ride) [men’s choir]
▪ Sabin Drăgoi, 6 Men’s Choruses on Folk Themes [men’s choir]
▪ Sabin Drăgoi, Liturgia [choir]
▪ Marcel Dupré, Lamento, op. 24 [organ]
▪ Maurice Duruflé, Scherzo, op. 2 [organ]
▪ Maurice Duruflé, Tryptique [piano]

▪ Jens Laursen Emborg, Violin Concerto

▪ Oscar Lorenzo Fernández, Suite [wind quintet]
▪ Oscar Lorenzo Fernández, Poemetos Brasieiros (First Series) [piano]
▪ Oscar Lorenzo Fernández, Meu Coraçao (Mello e Souza) [lied]

▪ Roberto Gerhard, Divertimento [wind quintet — unpublished?]
▪ George Gershwin, Oh, Kay! [musical]
▪ Jan van Gilse, 3 Dance Sketches for Piano and Small Orchestra
▪ Alexander Gretchaninov, Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (Third Setting) [choir]
▪ Ferde Grofé, Theme and Variations on Noises from a Garage [orchestra]
▪ Louis Gruenberg, Jazzettes [violin and piano]
▪ Louis Gruenberg, The Creation, op. 23 [voice and chamber ensemble]
▪ Jesús Guridi, El Caserío [operetta]

▪ Alois Hába, Fantazie, op. 32 [viola, quarter-tone piano]
▪ Alois Hába, Fantazie no. 6, op. 27 [quarter-tone piano]
▪ Alois Hába, Fantazie no. 7, op. 28 [quarter-tone piano]
▪ Alois Hába, Fantazie no. 8, op. 29 [quarter-tone piano]
▪ Alois Hába, Fantazie no. 9, op. 30 [quarter-tone piano]
▪ Alois Hába, Fantazie no. 10, op. 31 [quarter-tone piano]
▪ Roy Harris, Concerto [piano, clarinet, string quartet]
▪ Karl Amadeus Hartmann, 2 Kleine Suites [piano]
▪ Joseph Holbrooke, Violin Sonata no. 3 “Orientale”, op. 83
▪ Arthur Honegger, Trois Chansons de la Petite Sirene [lieder]
▪ Arthur Honegger, Prélude pour la “Phædre” de Gabriele d’Annunzio [orchestra]
▪ Arthur Honegger, Antigone [opera]
▪ Arthur Honegger, Pour le Cantique de Salomon [orchestra]
▪ Herbert Howells, The Trial of Jesus [voices, piano, and strings]

▪ Jacques Ibert, Francais [versions for guitar and piano]
▪ Jacques Ibert, Angelique [opera]
▪ Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov, An Evening in Georgia [wind quintet]
▪ Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov, reorchestration of “St. Basil’s Scene” in Rimsky-Korsakov’s edition of Boris Godunov, by Modeste Mussorgsky
▪ John Ireland, Five Poems by Thomas Hardy [lieder]

▪ Mihail Jora, String Quartet no. 1, op. 9

▪ Manolis Kalomiris, I Eleftheroi Poliokimenio (The Free Beseiged) [choir and orchestra]
▪ Albert Ketèlbey, Jungle Drums [orchestra]
▪ Albert Ketèlbey, Men of England — Patriotic Ode [men’s choir and organ]
▪ Aram Khachaturian, Poem [piano]
▪ Aram Khachaturian, Dance no. 1 [violin and piano]
▪ Aram Khachaturian, Waltz Etude [piano]
▪ Aram Khachaturian, Andantino [piano]
▪ Aram Khachaturian, The Dream [cello and piano]
▪ Uuno Klami, Habanera [orchestra]
▪ Lev Knipper, Symphony no. 1, op. 13
▪ Charles Koechlin, Symphony no. 1, op. 57bis
▪ Enrst Krenek, Der Diktator [opera]
▪ Enrst Krenek, Das Geheime Konigreich [opera]
▪ Enrst Krenek, Lustige Marsche, op. 44 [wind band]
▪ Enrst Krenek, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, op. 46 [orchestra]
▪ Enrst Krenek, Der Triumph der Empfindsamkeit, op. 43 [orchestra]
▪ Enrst Krenek, 4 Choruses [choir]
▪ Enrst Krenek, Wechsellied Zum Tanz, op. 43a [soprano and orchestra]
▪ Enrst Krenek, O Lacrymosa, op. 48 [lied]

▪ László Lajtha, Motet [voice, and piano or organ]
▪ László Lajtha, String Quartet no. 2, op. 6 [unpublished]
▪ Constant Lambert, Pomona — A Ballet in One Act [orchestra]
▪ Rued Langgaard, Symphony no. 7 (1st version)
▪ Rued Langgaard, Music for “The Dream of a Poet” [orchestra]
▪ Franz Lehár, Gigolette [operetta]
▪ Walter Leigh, Echo’s Lament for Narcissus [lied]
▪ Boris Lyatoshynsky, Violin Sonata, op. 19

▪ Gian Francesco Malipiero, Tre Commedie Goldoniane [orchestra]
▪ Gian Francesco Malipiero, Pause del Silenzio II (Sul Fiume del Tempo, L’esilio Deli’eroe, Il Grillo Cantarino) [orchestra]
▪ Frank Martin, Mass for Double Choir
▪ Frank Martin, Rythmes [orchestra]
▪ Bohuslav Martinů, Motyl, Ktery Dupal (The Butterfly That Stamped) [choir and orchestra]
▪ Bohuslav Martinů, Concertino for Piano Left-Hand and Chamber Orchestra
▪ Bohuslav Martinů, La Bagarre [orchestra]
▪ Bohuslav Martinů, Violin Sonata in D Minor
▪ Bohuslav Martinů, 3 Danses Tcheques (Three Czech Dances) [piano]
▪ Bohuslav Martinů, Habanera [piano — unpublished]
▪ Colin McPhee, Invention [piano]
▪ Erkki Melartin, Lootuskukka [orchestral incidental music]
▪ Federeco Mompou, Cançoneta Incerta [lied]
▪ Federeco Mompou, Quatro Melodías [lieder]
▪ Douglas Moore, Ballad of William Sycamore [voice, flute, trombone, piano]
▪ Alexander Mosolov, Four Newspaper Advertisements, op. 21 [lieder]
▪ Alexander Mosolov, Three Children’s Scenes, op. 18 [lieder]
▪ Alexander Mosolov, Clarinet Trio

▪ Carl Nielsen, Foraarssang (Spring Song) [choir]
▪ Carl Nielsen, Nye Melodier til Borups Sangbog II [lieder]
▪ Vítězslav Novák, Dědův odkaz (The Grandfather’s Legacy) [opera]

▪ Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Til Majdag [solo voice, orchestra]
▪ Goffredo Petrassi, Salvezza [lied]
▪ Goffredo Petrassi, Partita [piano]
▪ Hans Pfitzner, Lethe, op. 37 [baritone, orchestra]
▪ Willem Pijper, Symphony no. 3
▪ Willem Pijper, De Boufon, Het Patertje Langs den Kant, Scharmoes [piano, from the series “Folk Dances of the World”]
▪ Ildebrando Pizzetti, 3 Canzoni [solo voice, strings]
▪ Manuel Ponce, Theme Varie et Finale [guitar]
▪ Quincy Porter, Violin Sonata no. 1 in E Minor

▪ Ottorino Respighi, Sei Pezzi Per Bambini [piano four-hands]
▪ Silvestre Riveultas, Batik [chamber piece of some kind]
▪ Wallingford Riegger, Rhapsody (Second April) [orchestra]
▪ Vittorio Rieti, Piano Concerto no. 1
▪ Vittorio Rieti, String Quartet no. 1
▪ Vittorio Rieti, Suite [piano]
▪ Joaquín Rodrigo, Bagatela [piano]
▪ Joaquín Rodrigo, Pastoral [piano]
▪ Joaquín Rodrigo, Preludio al Gallo Mañanero [piano]
▪ Joaquín Rodrigo, Zarabanda Lejana [guitar]
▪ Guy Ropartz, Missa Te Deum Laudamus — In Honor of S. Alosisii Gonzagae
▪ Hilding Rosenberg, String Quartet no. 3, “Quartetto Pastorale”
▪ Hilding Rosenberg, Two Suites from Marionetter [small orchestra]
▪ Hilding Rosenberg, Violin Sonata no. 1
▪ Hilding Rosenberg, Piano Sonata
▪ Hilding Rosenberg, Three Songs by Blomberg [orchestrated?]
▪ Hilding Rosenberg, De Skapade Intressena (The Created Interests) [orchestra — incidental music]
▪ Hilding Rosenberg, Kung Oipidus [orchestra — incidental music]
▪ Nikolai Roslavets, Viola Sonata no. 1
▪ Nikolai Roslavets, Songs About the Year 1905
▪ Albert Roussel, Suite in F for Orchestra
▪ Albert Roussel, Le Bardit des Francs [men’s choir, brass ensemble]
▪ Edmund Rubbra, Four Easy Pieces [violin, piano]
▪ Edmund Rubbra, Songs op. 17: A Prayer, Invocation to Spring

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