Matthew B. Tepper’s Berlioz Requiem Page

Hector Berlioz finished two of his most important compositions in 1837, one of them his immense and powerful Requiem. I highly recommend to anyone interested in this piece that you visit Matthew B. Tepper’s web page of reviews of the important recordings of the piece, which has been immensely helpful to me in researching these records and choosing my favorite. Mr. Tepper wrote a Master’s Degree thesis on the topic at the University of Minnesota in 1983, called Tempo, Style, and Options in Modern Performances of Hector Berlioz’ Grande Messe des Morts, Op. 5. As for my anxiously awaited recommendation for A Year in Classical Music, which owes much to Mr. Tepper’s site and to my correspondence with him, it is forthcoming on my upcoming podcast, A Year in Classical Music, 1837, vol. 5: Bull, Henselt, Berlioz, which will be posted here soon.

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