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I'm Brian Linnell, creator and host of A Year in Classical Music. Hello, and thanks for visiting the site. This is a project I started working on (without realizing it at the time) in '04 or '05, when I decided to catalogue my CD collection. I'd been an avid collector of classical music on CD for more than a decade by then, but alphabetize and organize my CD shelves though I did, my collection had grown to the point that I couldn't remember all the recordings of favorite pieces in it. When I set up my database and started cataloguing, then, I included a column to record the year each piece was composed; you can almost always find that out for a piece of music written after about 1815, and often enough when it comes to the great composers before. Once I'd catalogued my collection through "H", it occurred to me to filter the database and see what else I had that was written the same year Hummel composed his Trumpet Concerto. Then Brahms' Symphony no. 2, and the concept of A Year in Classical Music has been developing in my mind ever since.

I hold a degree in Music Composition and Theory from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I continue to compose, being most interested in using Modernist techniques to write scores that remain as accessible and attractive to the average person as possible. I'm a recovered trumpeter and violist who frequently falls off the wagon, and I play bass guitar with an old friend who's a singer-songwriter. I live in Omaha and am fond of my town. I'm a practicing Orthodox Christian in a parish of the Church of Antioch here. I like baseball. I follow a team in every division — Red Sox, Nationals, Royals, Cubs, Rangers, Giants — but I mostly try to avoid the fan mentality for any one team and appreciate the game in the abstract, for the art form that it is. (I have to admit being immensely pleased to see Kansas City so dominate the '15 World Series, though.) I get to know as many good wines, whiskies, and beers as I can afford. I have an English pointer named Loomis. I can come close to reciting The Big Lebowski from memory. And I hope you enjoy A Year in Classical Music!

The Linnell Foundation for Music History, Inc.

In 2012 I incorporated The Linnell Foundation for Music History, Inc. to support the A Year in Classical Music project. The Foundation envisions a society distinguished by a cultivated appreciation of Western music, the history of the diverse societies that have produced it, and the importance of this appreciation for understanding the cultural, social, and political heritage of the Western world. The mission of the Foundation is to make non-specialist literature on the subject of Western music history available as a charitable service to the public, and to provide the audience for this literature with access to live and recorded performances of the musical works discussed therein.

The Linnell Foundation for Music History, Inc. recognized as a nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service, under code 501(c)(3). Your support of our work is tax deductible. Click on the PayPal™ graphic on the homepage to make a donation.

Brian Linnell