1926, vol. 9: Madetoja, Seeger, Casella

Like his teacher Jean Sibelius, the Finnish composer Leevi Madetoja was amongst those artists who had continued to uphold the Romantic style after the Modernist revolution. In 1924, Madetoja had premiered his opera Pohjalaisia at Helsinki. […] Click here to continue reading a transcript of this podcast.


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Madetoja, Symphony no. 3
Ruth Crawford Seeger, Violin Sonata
Ruth Crawford Seeger, Music for Small Orchestra
Casella, Scarlattiana
Casella, Concerto Romano
Casella, Cello Sonata no. 2

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AYICM: 1926, vol. 9

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2 Responses to 1926, vol. 9: Madetoja, Seeger, Casella

  1. Brian Linnell Comment by Brian Linnell made on March 23, 2012 at 4:19 am

    This recording of Alfredo Casella’s Concerto Romano, by organist Martin Haselböck and the Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra (click the above image to shop for the CD at amazon.com), is far superior to the one I recommended on this podcast. It’s a much better balanced performance — the Sirius Brass so dominate the organ and orchestra on the first recording I found, they entirely obscure the sense of the score. And while I do prefer the lyrical playing of the Sirius Brass to the clipped delivery of the Austrian RSO section, there’s no getting around that you actually hear the music as an organ concerto with the Austrian orchestra, not as a brass ensemble piece. Conductor Leif Segerstam does a much better job of shaping the score’s architecture, as well.

  2. Comment by William Block made on March 25, 2012 at 4:27 am

    An interesting selection of composers this time Brian. I must confess that I have never heard of Madetoja, but I found the Symphony #3 quite compelling. It is definitely worth listening to again. Ruth Crawford Seeger’s violin sonata seems to be a brooding, almost introspective piece. It delivers a strong, emotional impact. Her Music For Small Orchestra holds your attention and has many interesting and unusual qualities. I confess I have not heard of her either. I have an ever-so-slight acquaintance with Alfredo Casella – an old LP with the Philadelphia Orchestra performing his Paganiniana, and it was a piece of brilliant orchestration. Episode 10 was a good group full of variety as well as serious content. Good Job Brian !!!

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