1926, vol. 11: Dohnányi, Atterberg, Finzi, Bax

Especially if you're an American afficianado of classical music, the name Dohnányi might first call to mind Christoph von Dohnányi, the conductor who led the Cleveland Orchestra as music director from 1984 to 2002. But even more important a musician than Christoph was his grandfather, the Hungarian composer, pianist, and conductor Ernő Dohnányi. […] Click here to continue reading a transcript of this podcast.


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Dohnányi, String Quartet no. 3
Atterberg, Orchestral Suite no. 7
Atterberg, Horn Concerto
Finzi, A Young Man's Exhortation
Finzi, Three Drummond Elegies
Finzi, Nocturne: New Year Music
Bax, Symphony no. 2
Bax, Romantic Overture
Bax, Walsinghame
Bax, Piano Sonata no. 3

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AYICM: 1926, vol. 11 — I. Dohnányi, Atterberg, Finzi

AYICM: 1926, vol. 11 — II. Bax

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