1837, vol. 4: Meyerbeer, Hensel, Heinrich

By 1837, Giacomo Meyerbeer was the star composer of the Paris Opéra. He had premiered his opera Robert le diable there in 1831. It was a sensational success, but Meyerbeer outdid himself with his next opera, Les Huguenot, which had premiered at Paris in the spring of 1836. […] Click here to continue reading a transcript of this podcast.

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“Hör ich das Liedchen Klingen”,
“Scirocco”, “La Folle de St. Joseph”,
“Chant de Mai”

“Komm du Schönes Fischermädchen”,

“Mina (Lied des
Venezianischen Gondoliers)”

“La Fille de l’Air”
“La Marguerite du Poète”
“Die Schiffende”,

“Bright Be the Place of
Thy Soul”, “Farewell”

“Warum Sind Denn
Die Rosen So Blaß?”

“Ach, Die Augen
Sind Es Wieder”

“Im Wunderschönen Monat Mai”
“Sprich, O Sprich”
selections from her
unpublished 1837 piano cycle
The Ornithological Combat of Kings, or The Condor
of the Andes and the Eagle of the Cordilleras

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AYICM: 1837, vol. 4

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